Car Insurance Provisional Licence Buying Vehicles the Law is Changing 2011

From spring 2011 the law is changing in an effort to reduce the amount of people driving cars without insurance.

The new law means that the registered keeper of every car on the DVLA records will be liable to a £100 fine and even have the posibility of facing prosecution if the vehicle does not show up on the UK insurance database as having a current valid policy (MIB). This is regardless of whether the car is being used or kept on a public road or not, unless an official Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) has been filed with the DVLA.

With over 1 million uninsured cars on the UK roads today, the average policy premium is driven up by an additional £30 to cover claims involving these reckless drivers.

This new car insurance law will mean that provisional licence holders will now not be able to buy a taxed car and keep it on their drive until they pass their practical test. They will need to insure it immediately otherwise, they could be fined, have the car impounded/seized or even find themselves in court where a £1000 fined could levied.

This also means that ANPR equipped Police cars will now be on the look out for these Taxed but not insured vehicles while out on patrol.

So if you hold a provisional licence and are thinking about buying a car, don't forget to budget for insurance as well (get a quote before making the purchase).

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  1. Many drivers have been issued with denuncias and heavy fines as high as 450 euros since the date of the case decision which effectively negates the existing Law from the 9th September, and these people are advised to return their denuncia forms to the Traficos in each region, and you will (eventually) be reimbursed with the cash and the denuncia record will be expunged. If you have a problem with this, please advise your nearest British Consular office.




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