Driving Test Borehamwood December 2014 Ice Weather Update

I have just finished a 2hr driving lesson in Borehamwood, and while the main roads are clear, with the driving test centre's car park also fully useable for maneuvers, many of the residential roads where other set exercises are conducted during the practical car tests still have ice on them.

Although the temperature has been alomost 6 degrees above freezing today, there is no guarantee that when DSA driving test centres open for the first time after christmas, that the local manager at Borehamwood will not cancel the scheduled tests if conditions don't improve radically overnight.

If you have a driving test in Borehamwood or anywhere in the UK for that matter, it is important that you contact your local dsa driving test centre on the phone number on your appointment letter or acknowledgement email, otherwise you might have to bear the driving instructor costs as well as a wasted journey.

Borehamwood Driving Test Route Video

DSA approved instructor tutorial video covering some of the tricky routes used by examiners with tips and advice on dealing with them.

Borehamwood Test Route Video

Providing useful tips and advice of the common places where candidates fail in Borehamwood, updated in 2015.

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