Driving Lesson - Dual Carriageways & Changing Lanes

One of the most confusing or hard to implement skills for a provisional driving licence holder while preparing for the UK practical driving test is how to drive properly on dual carriageways, in particular knowing how to safely change lanes if overtaking a slow moving vehicle or avoiding obstructions.

I would therefore like to use this driving tips article to explain some basic principles that the dsa driving examiner will be looking for when driving on dual carriageways.

1. Always use the left hand lane except when overtaking slower moving vehicles who are not making progress.

2. You should practise and be confident in knowing when and how to overtake on a dual carriageway. There is no excuse for being stuck on the left-hand lane behind a truck doing 30MPH on a 60MPH road.

3. Get used to scanning the road ahead of you, because dual carriageways can have bus stops or other obstacles on the left hand lane, and if you don't plan early or let other road users know of your intentions, you will not be able to overtake or change lane safely.

4. Take extra care on a 3 lane dual carriageway when moving into the middle lane from the left hand lane.

5. When moving into the left hand lane from the middle lane, don't slow the speed of the car, you can still make progess.

6. Get as much practise driving at the national speed imit on dual carriageways even if you don't need this for the test, you will have some experience for motorways later.

7. Use the MSM routine if for any reason you need to change directions including vering out of lane to avoid obstructions.

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