Driving Lesson Accident

learner driver lesson car accident collision photoFor the 3rd time within the last 2 years I was recently involved in a driving lesson accident in NW London where my toyota yaris car being driven by a learner was hit from behind by an 'experienced' driver who was too close to us and couldn't stop in time when we had to break for someone pulling out in front of us without checking it was safe.

The usual excuse they give for hitting our car is that the learner did some sudden braking, but we all know that if you hit a vehicle from behind you are at fault since you should always leave a good enough gap that allows you to stop safely in the case of an emergency, and with a learner driver (you obviously can see the 'L' plates) you need even a bigger gap. Well his simple mistake is going to put up his driving insurance costs even if he had protected no claims bonus.

If you are reading this blog, you might be wondering why I'm saying this here, well you are going to pass your driving test soon, gain experience and become a confident driver, and the day will come when you will have the chance of getting 'stuck' behind a learner. Will you follow the masses by driving close behind them or will you do the right thing and leave them enough space and be patient while they develop their driving skils? Only time will tell.

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