Theory Test Changes Jan 23rd 2012

On monday 23rd january 2012 the DSA introduced new changes to the UK theory test for motorcycles, cars, van and HGVs.

What is the difference between the old computer based theory test and the ones being taken from Jan 23rd.

The major difference is with the questions and answers that will be used on the new tests, before the changes, candidates could buy Cds, DVD roms, use online websites or phones apps and if you practised enough with a few of these resourses or products, you could easily pass the real DSA test, because they used the same bank of questions and answers which meant you could get the same questions that you already knew the answers to without really understanding the actual theory behind it.

The DSA is introducing new questions and answers for the real test, and these will not be available to the public, so you still can buy phones apps, cd or dvds or use online theory test websites, but no matter how many of these you use, none of the practise questions will appear on the real DSA test word for word as used to happen before!

So what does this mean for those preparing for a theory test in the UK from the 23rd january onwards? First of all, you will now need to read and understand both the highway code and the new dsa study materials, as just memorising a set of questions/answers will no longer help you.

The bottom line is if you study and understand the theory including know what signs/road markings stand for, then you should not have a problem!

Good luck with passing the new test, as it is not any harder, you just need to change the way you study for it.

To further enhance the introduction of independent driving on the test, the DSA will be withdrawing the publishing of multiple choice questions and answers used in theory tests, Road Safety Minister Mike Penning announced Yesterday.

The idea is that driving test candidates need to learn and understand the theory and gain the appropriate knowledge required to be a safe driver on the road and withdrawing access to the questions and answers bank will stop people from memorising questions and answers just to pass the theory test which is very common from my experience with learner drivers.

The changes to the theory test is going to be done in two stages.

From September 2011, a change will be made to the format of books and other learning materials available to those who are preparing for the theory test (motorcycles, cars, HGV and PCV) as published by HMSO, they will no longer contain any of the questions that will appear in the actual exam taken. See book below.

Dsa Theory test changes 2011 and 2012

From Monday 23rd January 2012, new theory tests will be introduced using questions and answers that the public will not have had access to, making any previous theory test Q&A banks redundant. This will ensure that candidates now have to fully understand the highway code to pass.

I have always advised my learner drivers to continue to read the Highway code and theory books even after they've passed the theory test to make sure their knowledge stays fresh for the DSA practical car test.

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