1 hr before driving test

If you are using a driving instructor's car for the DSA UK practical car test, then it is usual to have a 1 hr driving lesson before your appointment.

The main reason for this is to allow you to get used to the driving conditions on the day, and practice a test maneuver or two. This is not the time to be learning anything new, and everything you do during this lesson should the way you expect to perform during the test with the driving examiner sat next to you.

You are only kidding yourself if you do something during this lesson and claim that you will not do the same during the test (adjust mirrors on the move after a maneuver, fail to use the handbrake at a junction when on a hill, etc), while it is possible to put on a show during the early part of a test, 20 minutes in your true driving habits will come out unexpectedly to haunt you, so don't think you are being smart when your instructor points out little errors which you continually do and can't be bothered to put effort into working hard to get rid of.

I've heard it so many times, "I won't do that on the test' yet you do it during a driving lesson, knowing it is not safe! Human beings are creatures of habits, and that is why you need plenty of private driving practise to get you acting naturally at the wheel and not having to think to hard to deal with different situations that arise on the road.

Check out my independent driving tips video for advice on how to deal with this new 10 minute element.

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