I've never failed a test or exam in my life

As a driving instructor, I've heard this too many times to remember from test candidates, I've never failed an exam in my life before, and therefore should not be having problems passing the DSA practical car test, especially since they passed the theory test first attempt with flying colours.

If you have this attitude, you need to know something, taking driving lessons, preparing for the practical car test in either a manual or automatic car is nothing like the previous written or practical examinations you might have taken and excelleced in.

For starters you have no control over the sequence and time in which you do things (in your academic examinations, you can start with the easy questions, and then spend more time on the harder ones, as long as you finish within the 2 hours you'll be fine). In the driving test you might have to start with the bay parking manuever which is your weakest point, you can't say to the examiner, can I do this later, nor can you spend 10 minutes/4 attempts to get it right.

You have to think on your feet (you understand what I mean), while travelling at 25mph you only have a few seconds to Look, Assess, Decide & Act on a developing situation, be it a junction approaching, a pedestrian about to step out on the road in a high street or an overtaking situation which either you need to abort or go ahead and complete the procedure without undue hesitation.

Passing the UK driving test requires adequate preparation, enough practice to build your confidence and ability to carry out the driving skills to the stipulated standard as expected by the DSA examiner, but MOST IMPORTANTLY Psychomotor Skills which not every academic genius might have! Understanding this last part is the key to your frusration at failing to pass something that you might consider simple and easy. It doesn't mean you won't pass, it just means to need to focus on your weaknesses, and stop refering to your intelectual ability.

You must understand that the current UK driving test is hard, and while most people will have passed by their 3rd attempt, there will be those who will need 5,6 or more attempts to pass, not because they are stupid, have not prepared enough or reached the DSA standard, but just because they might take much longer to acquire the psychomotor skills, keep the driving test nerves at bay and perform on the day well enough not to commit that one serious driving fault that costs them the pass certificate they so much desire to have.

If you are thinking of using cheap driving lessons to learn to drive, you might want to think again about your choice.

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  1. Anonymous5:48 am

    This is so true!

  2. I can see that you put a lot of hard work.

  3. I just started learning and thought I would document my progress online for posterity. I have been a keen follower of your site - just thought I should say thanks for all the hard work you've put into your material.

    Thanks again.

  4. Hi,

    Its very good that you have passed your driving test in 1st attempt.
    You have done lot of hard work.
    I am also taking my driving test soon this post given some tips for the driving test.
    thanks for it.

    I will keep following you please keep writing this kind of post.

    Once again thanks a lot

  5. Passing driving test is not only about being in the car, it also helps to use video and advice as you've highlighted here.

    Great site and nice info.

  6. mags graham6:47 pm

    Great wee site and very helpful.Keep up the good work,and THANK YOU very much...:)




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