Independent Driving Test Tips Video

A lot of driving test candidates are concerned about the new independent driving element being introduced in october 2010, so I've made a video which should help with your preparations.

This advice is based on information given by a senior dsa examiner during a monthly test centre meeting with driving instructors.

The key facts are:

1. Put safety before navigation. If you drive safely, it doesn't matter if you don't follow the planned route.

2. Anticipate and plan your driving. This is particularly important when approaching complex junctions like multi-lane roundabouts as being in the wrong lane could lead to a serious or dangerous fault being committed.

3. Don't change directions suddenly, as it is most unlikely you will be able to do this safely as a learner driver.

4. It is okay to ask the examiner for directions, as long as it is done in good time.

5. It is okay to get lost as long as you remain safe, so going the wrong way is not a fault in itself.

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  1. The new development of independent driving is a good thing and hopefully this will produce drivers that thinks ahead and anticipate developing situations.




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