Driving Test Maneuvers Use of Indicators

While performing driving test maneuvers in the UK you should not be using indicators.

If you are making proper use of the POM routine, then there should be nobody around and thus the use of indicators will not be required. The driving examiner will not penalise you for indicating unless it happens to mislead other road users, but it is always best to build the right habit by making effective observations, give way to other road users in particular pedistrians who are the most vulnerable.

This advice applies to all maneuvers including left reverse round the corner and the parallel reverse parking exercise.

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  1. Anonymous9:17 am

    I have had students from my driving school in bournemouth with the same issues

  2. It is absolutely imterative that faults are not allowed to happen and are rectified immediately, otherwise the fault will get established and much more difficult to root out.




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