Driving Lesson Road signs and Markings

I have always taught my learners during driving lessons to look out for and pay attention to road signs and markings not just to pass the test but as it is a good habit to be aware of the information being conveyed to the driver.

In fact I posted on my driving school videos website over a year ago because I noticed that many provisional license holders failed to develop a habit of paying attention to these signs just because they've passed the theory and the students think that signs can be ignored because the DSA Examiner will not specifically ask them about markings or signs as they go past them.

Well with the recent media attention on the new driving test changes in october 2010, I thought it would be a good time to remind learners the importantance of noticing and paying attention to road signs during driving lessons or while out on private practice in your own car, so have a look at the video below. Independent driving on the test is not just about following signs to navigate a course, but you also might have to remember and follow a series of instructions or diagram, but there is enough debate about that out there, so make of it what you will.

I've always mentioned that the easiest way to pass the driving test first time is to develop a habit of the right skills during lessons as expected by the DSA, that way you don't have to think hard about what to do in a situation once on the assessment.

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