Red driving school on BBC one

Update: If you missed the TV broadcast, it is no longer available on BBC Iplayer, it expired on June 7th 2010.
Note that this programme was recorded before Red driving school went into administration.
While 7 out of the 11 cases featured in this TV programme came out with a positive result, there is no way of telling if Red Driving School is still overselling it's ADI training courses or if people are able to get training in a reasonable time which was a major problem with the old LVG setup.

A reader of this blog has just informed me that red driving school is going to be featured on BBC One's programme 'Don't Get Done Get Dom' this Bank Holiday monday 31st may 2010 at 09.00am.

According to the BBC website, "Dom helps a group of people who followed their dreams of becoming driving instructors, signing up to a training course with Red Driver Training - only to be landed with a huge debt and no training. Dom looks at their rights and helps them try to get their money back".

I have no idea if the outcome was positive or not, but anyone who is currently 'in the red' from their ADI training experience might want to set their TV recorder or make a date to watch the TV programme.


  1. WOO HOO!!!

    Thank you so much for everything Shola! As you know I had 3 different instructors and felt I was getting nowhere fast until I read your blog and you became my 4th....and as you know today I PASSED FIRST TIME !!

    Thanks to you I got my confidence back behind the wheel and believed I could do it - and I did.

    If anyone is reading this blog and wondering and weighing up which instructor or which school they should hire for lessons then please call Shola for your lessons. Not only was he my instructor sitting beside me and guiding me through each lesson, - I also had him sitting in the back seat on my exam!! Brilliant!! A better instructor I couldn't have asked for!

    Again I thank you so very much !!

  2. Anonymous5:55 am

    Thanks MJI for the comments, wish you all the best, and keep that licence clean for the next 2 years as you are under probabtion, 6 penalty points and you are a learner again. I'm sure you don't want to see me again!

    Shola NW7

  3. I will definitely keep my licence clean and be a careful driver! Everytime I see the speedometer rising past 28mph on a 30mph zone I will forever hear your voice in my head, 'Watch your speed!!'

    thanks again and all the best to you and your family,


  4. nice to see on BBC. Keep up the good work and thanks for the post. Keeping driver record clean directly reduces insurance costs. Easy way to dismiss ca traffic ticketsonline.

  5. The best way to learn and gain experience is to simply practice. I suggest you take your car out for a spin more often. Its also a good idea to have some relaxing music on hand. I'm sure it will calm you down if you get too anxious while in a bunch of traffic.

  6. Keep up the good work and nice to see on BBC. Thanks for the post.




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