Driving Lesson Roundabout Basics rules

I have previously posted full driving lesson articles on how to deal with roundabouts including videos covering mini, major and multi-lane versions of this type of junction, however I find that some learner drivers still don't understand the basic roundabout rules, so I'm going to restate them here to avoid any doubt.

1. You only need to give way to traffic on the right (on a mini roundabout this might include oncoming traffic indicating to turn right getting to the junction before you).

2. If you are turning left or right at a roundabout, you should be indicating on approach (you DO NOT signal on approach if following the road ahead).

3. If you are turning left or right at roundabouts, use the left or right hand lanes if available respectively, or positon your car appropriately. As a driving instructor I have seen learners at test standard on lessons trying to use the left hand lane to go right!

4. You always indicate left to exit a major roundabout.

5. You do not need to indicate left when coming off a mini roundbout.

6. Once on a roundabout, you should not be stopping for or giving way to traffic approaching the junction.

See video below for additional information:

If you have any doubt about these basic roundabout rules, get a copy of the highway code and study it.

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  1. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Failed my test yesterday.Well, at the Apex corner, I was told to take the 3rd exit on my right. I moved on when it was safe to do so, but didn't realise then were traffic lights just after advancing and completing the full turn. So with full confidence I was driving right through red lights, the examiner had to slam on the brakes. My point is beware of traffic lights at roundabouts. this happened almost of the end of my test and the examiner testified that I'd been doing fine before then. Pity you don't teach auto.

  2. @Anonymous: Some major roundabouts have traffic lights and you should be looking out for them. What's important in these situations is that you choose your lane carefully, otherwise it can become very difficult to change lanes. Good luck for next time.

  3. Anonymous11:04 am

    i fail in my test>> i was take second exit ibut i did not move i sow a meny car in my right i stop for them >> i want to mive when it is safe ...... but the examener say pleas move > dont stop for them and ifail




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