Intensive Driving Course is Exhausting

I have just finished running a week long intensive driving course in NW3 for a learner driver who had some time off work and wanted to making some progress as the weekly driving lessons had not been bearing any good results and it has been exhausting both for me as a driving instructor and the pupil.

Having to do a 3hr intensive session in the morning, take a short break, do some normal driving lessons for my regular learner drivers and then go back for another 2 or 3 hours of tuition is really hard work especially when you are introducing new topics, have to give full talk through after lesson briefings is really hard, and with the warm weather, one has to make sure that the body does not get dehydrated, so a lot of water drinking also. A driving instructor's life is not always easy money!

Not everyone will use a crash driving course to prepare for a test, as was the case of this learner driver, but they can now resume their weekly lesson schedule building up the necessary experience and practice required to pass the driving test.

If you are considering taking a 5 day, 1 week intensive driving course residential or otherwise, be prepared for some hard work, and do set your expectations right, as not everyone will be able to cope with the large amount of information being thrown at them in such a short period and don't be fooled by those guaranteed driving test pass promises made by some organisations, as you do pay a lot of money for lessons you may or may not need.

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