When I pass my driving test

As a learner driver you would have had to deal with many aggressive and impatient drivers who can't stand the sight of an 'L' plate being displayed on the car in front of them irrespective of how good or bad it is being driven, and you would be saying when I pass my driving test I won't be like them!

While not all full British licence holders are inconsiderate of learner drivers, there are far too many of them out there making their life on the road very difficult, and the thing is every single one of these aggressive drivers were once learners themselves and they all had to endure the same abuse while preparing for their driving test.

So the question is when you get that coveted pass certificate, and your full pink license has arrived in the post from the DVLA 3 weeks after the DSA examiner posted your provisional and you are riding along in your lovely automobile, are you within a few months going to join the ranks of the many drivers out there who can't bear to see a driving school car or a private vehicle displaying 'L' plates and treat them like second citizens just because you are in a hurry to get to somewhere that might not be that important, and start to intimidate them by tailgating, overtaking dangerously, beeping your horn, etc.

What type of driver are you going to be when you pass your driving test?

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