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If you are asked to do a bay parking exercise either to the left or right during the DSA practical car assessment, this driving test tip might save you failing.

If possible always choose a bay where you don't have cars parked next to the space that you will be reversing into (the examiner will not specify which direction or space to use).

driving test error bay paking exercise
I've seen people failing their driving test while doing the bay park maneuver either for hitting the stationary car (yes it does happen) or getting too close to the other vehicle.

There is nothing wrong with doing the exercise between 2 cars (and some might prefer this), but you must be confident that you can control the car and not end up too close to the parked cars, also you will need to be very observant because the occupants of the car could open the doors at anytime (an example would be if you are doing the bay park as the last part of your test, and someone has just failed, they might be too upset to think safety and might open the door without looking!).

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Left Bay Parking Video


  1. Anonymous5:46 pm

    hi ukadi thanks for your helpful blog :)

    can you possibly explain to me in a test am i allowed ot move forward from a bay to straighten myself up and then reverse back? or does it all have to be done in one go in reverse fashion

  2. Anonymous7:39 pm

    You can shunt forward to make adjustments if you don't get it right first time during the driving test.

  3. Anonymous1:28 am

    Interesting. I never had to do bay parking in my test (last April, passed first time, yay!), because they don't have bays to do it in my area.

    Sometimes I think that I missed a lot in not having to learn it. I got a Blue Badge really soon after passing, so very rarely have to actually bay park. Certainly I've never learnt to do it backwards, and the thought of doing so does scare me a little (I've done it once or twice in normal bays and managed not to hit anything, but I avoid it if I can!).

    Nice tips on Bay Parking though.




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