Female Driving Instructor

I got an enquiry to my Driving School mobile phone recently, and the conversation goes something like this:

Me: Hello, how can I help you?
Caller: Do you have a Female Driving Instructor working for you?

The person making the enquiries was a lady.

Me: No, I'm an independent school, and currently work alone, are the lessons for you, and do you live around Mill Hill, NW7?
Caller: Yes, and I want to take driving lessons with a female Instructor.
Me: Sorry, but you can still have tuition with me....
Caller: Click, the phone was dead.

I know there are some women who for religious reasons have to take lessons with a female driving instructor, but apart from that, personally I don't think that a lady taking tuition with an ADI of the same sex guarantees a better service or learning experience.
If you as a woman just prefers to deal with a same sex ADI as a personal option, that is fine, but as I said in my AA Driving Lessons post, the quality of service you get depends totally on the individual teaching you to drive, and you can have a bad experience with a female driving instructor just as you could with a male counterpart no matter what organisation there are with!

DSA code of conduct

All instructors must abide by a code of conduct that has been agreed between the Driving Standards Agency and ADI representative bodies and part of it states:

"Personal Conduct.
The instructor will at all times behave in a professional manner towards clients. Clients will be treated with respect and consideration. The instructor will try to avoid physical contact with the client except in an emergency or in the normal course of greeting. Whilst reserving the right to decide against giving tuition, the instructor will not act in any way which contravenes legislation on discrimination."

As a learner driver you must be treated professional by your ADI, and note the bit about physical contact, your driving instructor should not be touching you unnecessarily, whether they are male or female, so don't tolerate this, tuition can be given with demonstrations or detailed explanations/talk through to enable you to learn any difficult skills.

You don't need to go with a female driving instructor to avoid sexual harassment (which could be a crimminal offence anyway), change to someone else, this also applies if you are not getting value for money tuition or a good service. You shouldn't be afraid to change instructors if you are not happy with you present one, loyality should be not come into it, because it is your money, neither should the fear of change, you might find it actually does wonders to your learning experience.

If you are looking for Driving Lessons in London around Mill Hill, Hendon, Kingsbury, Colindale and Burnt Oak and looking for quality, honest and reliable service conducted in a professional manner, then I would like to welcome you onboard as a pupil, but I'm not a female driving instructor despite my name, but I can give you the advice and help you need to pass the driving test, and get a full UK licence whatever gender you are.

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  1. Disgusting and a total lack of ethics and morality.

    During the consultation paper by the DfT there was many examples of misconduct by the instructors.

    I did suggest the need to have a some kind of monitoring system and a place where the learner and parents could put forward a complain.

    I do think that the org. of the instructors and the DSA needs to organice such complains.@





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