DSA Driving Test Failed - Going Too Slow

Many learner drivers have failed their driving test for failing to recognise the national speed limit sign, and were therefore driving too slow for the road they where on, and the DSA driving examiner failed them for not making progress.

In this video shot on the A1 dual carriageway between Apex Corner and Stirling Corner a road that is used by both the Mill Hill and Hendon driving test centre routes, I show you where this happens, but wonder why because there are adequate signs posted.

You must obey road signs and markings during your UK driving test otherwise you could fail your practical car assessment for being too slow. The main danger is that other vehicles are forced to overtake you un-necessarilly.

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New Camden 20mph speed limits.


  1. Anonymous8:44 am

    what percent can you go over and under the national speed limit? my mate told me it was 10% also a dual carriage way is 6o mph in a car so if this is true about 10% then you are going to slow by 5mph right?

  2. Anonymous8:53 am

    You need to drive at a speed that is suitable for the prevaling conditions and within the speed limit for the road you are on.

    You should never drive over the speed limit, or you will fail your test, and the NSL for cars on a dual carriageway is 70mph not 60.

    There is not set speed that you should drive at on a dual carriageway, it depends on the conditions, and the examiner wants to see you make progress if it is safe to do so.

  3. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Nothing but a reason to bully a test candidate,they need to appreciate that the person in question has test nerves, and very limited experience.




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