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dsa driving test simulator with videosAre you currently learning to drive and looking for driving test games to help you pass the practical driving exam, then let me give you some advice. You can't use online driving test games to prepare properly for a driving test, and I'll explain the reasons why.

A practical driving test or examination is designed to examine your psychomotor skills used to control a car, and free Driving Test Games be it an online parking game, a game console driving software or DVD based video game will not be able to totallyDSA test these skills and how you use them as will happen when you are in the car with the DSA driving examiner or instructor. Take a typical example of speeding during a driving test, the driving examiner doesn't even need to look at the speedometer to know if the speed you are driving at is appropriate for the prevailing conditions, as the closeness of the car to obstacles, the speed at which signs go by, and just the sensational feeling of motion all add up to give an overall picture of what the driver is doing. No driving test game can simulate that feeling of motion, so if you have a problem with speeding while driving, then using a free online driving game is not going to help you solve it.

Driving Test Parking Game

During a driving test, you can be expected to carry out one parking exercises, so it is no surprise that learner drivers look for help with these exercises including driving test parking games either online or those available for games consoles or computers. Again while a driving game might allow you to learn and master the theory of the parking exercise, carrying it out in a car with a driving examiner sitting next to you is a different kettle of fish that you can't practise in the comfort of your home. By all means use a test game to build up your knowledge of the theory behind the driving test, but don't ever think of using software or online driving games as a replacement for practise time in the car with a driving instructor or supervisor.

Here in the UK we have the Hazard Perception Test as part of our driving test, this is no more that a driving test game, as in my experience as a driving instructor, I have found out that it doesn't really help pupils when they are out in the car and dealing with real life situations, so this just goes to show that a cheap computer game can't really simulate real life driving test conditions.

If you are preparing for a driving examination, I hope that you do pass it and gain that freedom to control a car without supervision, in the meantime minimise the time spent on those online computer test games and read the highway code instead!

Online Driving Test Games

Driving test games are a very good fun way of passing away time while at the same time being of a limited educational way of preparing for the driving test, but unless you are just using free online driving test games to prepare just for the DSA theory test, then you need to be very careful with these simulated driving tuition games if you are serious about passing the practical driving examination.

I was watching a gadgets show tv progamme the other day where as an experiment they were comparing the driving skills of one of the presenters who was very good at various driving games consoles (xbox 360, nintendo, sony playstation) with that of a rally driving school instructor and they had a race. The driving games guru had no practical driving experience, but had used things like the XBox 360 with various steering attachments and pedals with feedback control and thought that this was enough for him to give him an edge in the real driving world against the rally school driving instructor who had never used an online driving game or other games console before.

The rally driver won of course, but the online driving games guru came a close sencond and did very well for someone with no practical driving experience. Now someone watching that progamme might be thinking that if he could do it, then there is no harm in me trying to pass the practical driving test by using a free or paid online driving test games website.

Driving test games and the real world

There are a few reasons why driving games are not quite good for preparing for the real driving test.

Online Parking Games
In the example of a free driving test parking game for example, you practice the skill of parallel parking, the game might allow you to practice the knowlegde of when to steer the car, which direction, but what about your effective observations, how you react to other road users, clutch control and keeping the car under control? Can you effectively practice these driving test skills using just games software on a playstation console or a gaming website?

Road Signs and Markings
How much practice can a driving school game give you of obeying road signs, traffic lights and road/lane markings? Obviously there are some good driving test games available out there, but nothing can compare to practice in a real car under the watchful eyes of a trained profession instructor!

Driving test speed and feeling of motion
If you break the speed limit during your practical dsa driving examination, you can't expect to be passed, and one of the things that driving test games can not simulate is the feeling of motion, and the visual effect of objects passing by the car which can help you have an idea of what speed you are travelling at, or if that speed is correct for the prevaling road conditions.

These are just some of the limitations of driving test games software, so make sure you get adequate in car practice, in addition to using driving test games software.

There are some driving test software however that can be very beneficial in complementing your driving lessons, and here in the UK one such product is Focus Media's Driving Test simulator for the PC, which is a virtual driving test simulator based on the DSA test.

With various video clips taken along driving test routes all over the UK, covering the various driving errors that people commit on the DSA test, this is driving test game that you cam play over and over again in between lessons to give you a better chance of passing. Focus Media are UK market leaders for driving test software, and also produce the very popular theory test software Driving Test Success ALL Tests CD Rom/DVD, the number one choice for passing the DSA hazard pecerption test.

So if you are looking for a driving test game that will help you pass the DSA practical examination, then you should choose this software which is a fun way of supplimenting your driving lessons and preparing for the DSA practical car assessment.

Driving Test Game Playing

A lot of learner drivers like to play games when it comes to the UK Driving Test, they think that they know better than their driving instructor and have all it takes to pass the driving test. Here are some of the things (game play) that people think will put them in a better position for passing

1. Driving Test routes. Mastering a driving test route does not guarantee that you will pass on the day. All it takes is for something to happen along the route and if you don't have the necessary skills or experience you won't be able deal with it safely, what a game of chance!

2. Choosing driving test centres based on pass rates. While it is true that driving test centres have different test routes, and some maybe easier than others, there is more to passing the driving test than having an easy test route. Many people fail driving tests on simple things like not moving off safely!

3. Half learning manoeuvres. If you are having problems with a manoeuvre, hoping that you don't get it on the driving test is not good enough! Okay so you know how many manoeuvres you have to learn, the maximum number you will be asked to do, and based on the driving test centre, you can toss a dice up and say there is a 3 in 5 chance that I will get a reverse round the corner, I can deal with that! Are you preparing for a test, or playing driving test games of roulette?

4. I prefer a male examiner! If you are fully prepared for the test, the sex of the examiner does not matter, as they can only mark what they see. If you touch the kerb while doing a turn in the road, there is not point in saying but I only just touched the kerb, my friend did that and passed! Circumstances might not be the same, and being a Friday, who knows maybe the examiner was using variance to work to the test centre's pass rate?

You need to stop playing games, and just get yourself fully prepared for the driving test and not rely on chance.

Driving Games in preparation for Test

You can Play Driving Games if you are preparing for a driving examination, and there are many websites that have free online driving test game for that very purpose, but there are a few things you should bear in mind when playing driving games if not just for fun, but you are seriously thinking of using them to get you ready for your upcoming driving examination and want to pass with flying colors.

The driving games you play will not be a true reflection of the real world like you have while in a car with an approved instructor for example, and this is very important if you are serious about passing that driving examination or test. Most driving games online are played using mainly the keyboard or mouse, while when you get into the car, you are going to be using your hands, eyes, ears and feet, so playing driving games could actually be training you to do things the wrong way! If you play driving games on entertainment consoles like the XBox 360 or Playstation, then things can start to get more realistic, because these consoles can use accessories like steering wheels and foot pedals and the driving games can have good high definition graphics which could really suck you into the gaming environment, but even then there are still things that can't be replicated in free online or entertainment driving games that you play. The sense of motion for example is something that is not replicated, most learner drivers will know when they are driving too fast, not because they are watching the speedometer, but because of that motion feeling and the G-Forces that act on the body. This same feeling of motion is what the driving examiner will use to access how you are reacting to conditions and the car, something that you can't practice while you play driving games online, on a computer or an XBox 360, Sony Playstation or Nintendo game console.

So please do have fun while you play your driving games online or on your gaming console, but do bear in mind that driving test games or the virtual world should not be used instead of obtaining proper driving tuition with a professional if your ultimate goal is passing your driving examination or test.

Play Driving Games in moderation, revise all your theory knowledge, and have plenty of practice in the real world with your instructor, and all the knowledge will pay off!

Driving School Game

A driving school game such as the one on the go-red website can be a useful way of checking how prepared you are for taking the practical car 'L' test, however don't rely totally on a driving school game if your main goal is to pass the driving test on your first attempt.

The hand, eye, limbs and hearing coordination required during the practical driving test is different from that used in a driving school game. You for example don't change gears the same way in an online game the same way you do it in real life.

Driving School Game letdowns

Virtual life is not the same as real life even if you are using a sophisticated gaming console such as XBox 360 or Playstation with all the accessories.

Driving with a mouse and keyboard on an online school game could train your response to be poor when in the car using the steering wheel, doing your mirror checks, gear changes.

A Driving school game is fun, enjoy it, but make sure you get enough real life practice for the real driving test.

If you are in the UK, you might be interested in Focus Media's Driving Test simulator for the PC, which is a virtual driving test simulator based on the DSA driving test.

If you live or work in NW London and need manual driving lessons in the Mill Hill or Hendon Test Centre areas, call me on 07956233032

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