Driving and Insurance

Invalidating Car Insurance

As drivers we know that we shouldn't be driving without car insurance, but there are many drivers who have taken out car insurance but are driving with invalid policies because they have not fully read the small print that came with their motor insurance.

Ignorance is no excuse, so you need to know all the conditions that apply to the vehicle insurance that allows you to drive, as you don't want to give the insurance company any reason for not paying up when you need to make a claim from them.

Car Insurance Conditions

All motor insurance companies have conditions that apply to the policy covering you, so make sure you familiarise yourself with the small print in your policy document. You need to inform the insurance company of certain changes in your circumstances if they occur after the policy was taken out. Some of the changes that you should inform your car insurance company of are:

1. Changes in licence category. If you took out a policy with a provisional licence, then you should let the company know when you pass the driving test.

2. If you change your car.

3. If you make modifications to your car, that change its apperance, performance or value.

4. Changes in the purpose or use of vehicle, eg Your car might only be covered for social and domestic use, but you might want to use it to commute to work.

5. You are convicted of a motoring offence (speeding or traffic penalties points included).

6. You develop any medical conditions that might affect your car driving ability.

7. You change your address.

Other things some companies like to know about are:

Changes to the annual mileage on the car.
Changes in occupation.

This is not a complete list, so check your insurance policy to determine what changes affect you.

Note: Faliure to inform your insurance company or brooker of these changes could invalidate your insurance cover or give the company reason to reject any claims you make or a third party makes against you. Make sure your insurance cover stays valid by reading the small print.

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