Choosing a Driving Instructor

What is the most important thing you look for when choosing a driving instructor? Almost 90% of the people who call me asking about driving lessons make their decisions based on the hourly tuition price!

Choosing a driving instructor just because they can provide you with cheap driving lessons is not necessarily the wisest move you can make if you are learning to drive a car. What is the quality of tuition that you are going to get from the driving instructor? Is the person actually a qualified current DSA ADI? Just because the driving school car has a roof sign and there are instructor pedals on the passenger side doesn't mean they are operating a legal learner driver teaching business.

What is the atitude of the instructor you are choosing going to be towards their pupils? Are they going to be shouting at you during a driving lesson when you have difficulties understanding a principle or driving skill? Will they hold you back from making progress in order to recoup the money they lost discounting your hourly driving lesson price?

You must know what the average price is that is being charged by driving instructors in your area, and when choosing the one that is going to be preparing your for your driving test you must remember if it is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Focus Media's Driving Test simulator A driving test simulator based on the DSA exam.

Choose your driving instructor wisely, dont just go for cheap tuition.
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Insurance for driving test.

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