Passed Driving Test?

Have you recently passed your UK driving test and was wondering what to do next, or thought it is finally over, and I don't have any more driving learning to do.

Well first of all, you are still a learner driver, and while you don't have to display those 'L Plates' on your car while driving (green P plates are optional), there is still a lot of learning to do if you want to remain safe and stay alive. You also need to know that because of the new driver's act, you are on probation for 2 years, and if you get 6 points on your driving licence, you will have to take the driving test again!

Passed Driving Test Knowledge Acquired

If you've passed the driving test, then you should have all the knowledge you need to be a responsible car owner/driver, and therefore you have no excuse for any offences you commit, or failure to carry out some required actions.

You know that you need to be insured to drive a car, that the car must be taxed, road worthy, must display legal number plates, speed limits must be obeyed just like on the driving test, and that road signs and markings are there for a reason.

Two of the most common things that happen to new drivers is they get points on their new driving licence for breaking the law (knowingly or not), and they get parking fines for illegal parking of their car on the council streets. As if learning to drive was not hard and expensive enough, there are financial penalties that follow these things. Your cost of insurance will go up more if as someone who has just passed their test you get points on your licence (you know to inform the insurance company of these points, right?), and each time you get a parking ticket it is going to cost you money to pay the penalty charge notice (PCN).

Basically what I'm saying is that the learning process still continues, and it takes time to gain experience as a new driver, there will be the first time of renewing your car insurance, your first MOT for your car, getting your car road tax, your first visit to the motor dealer or garage to get your car serviced, you 1st drive on the 70MPH multi-lane motorway.

Don't wait until you have to do these things before you learn (or remind yourself of what is required), it is no fun suffering your first breakdown only to find that you haven't got breakdown cover, or don't know what number to call.

What about if you are involved in a car accident, do you know what to do?

I'd like to congratulate you on passing the driving test, but this is just the beginning, you need to know how to recognise parking restrictions, understand a few basic mechanical things about your car, as well as gain more practical driving experience as a new driver. All the best with your driving career, stay safe, and remember it is better to be late, than to be the late.

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