Driving Directions

Driving directions on the Test

You need to be familiar with the way the driving examiner will give you directions in the car while you are are on the driving test. A few pupils have failed their tests because they either did not understand the driving directions or have misunderstood them and failed to clarify these.

It is important while on your driving test that you know which way the examiner wants you to go when you are given directions, if in doubt you should ask for the driving direction instructions to be repeated. You will not fail the driving test for going in the wrong direction, but a lot of test candidates fail either because they don't warn other road users of their intentions, or give misleading signals to other road users.

Examiner Driving Directions

The first driving instruction you will be given once you get in the car and are ready to drive off is 'Follow the road ahead unless road signs indicate otherwise, if I need you to turn I will let you know in good time' This is a very important instruction to remember, as there will be times while on the test when the examiner might not give you any driving directions because there might be signs on the road or up ahead directing you which way to go, a typical example is a compulsory left or right turn at the end of the road. A lot of pupils fail to check their mirrors and indicate at these junctions because the examiner didn't give the driver directions! You MUST ALWAYS indicate at a junction.

The other driving directions you might be given are in respect of roundabouts, at mini roundabouts the directions are usually at the roundabout follow the road ahead, turn right or turn left. On the other hand if it is a major roundabout, the examiner might mention the exit you need to come of at: 'At the roundabout turn right it's the 3rd exit signposted Barnet'. Don't forget that traffic lights take priority over roundabout rules when in operation, and you need to stop at the solid stop line, not the broken give way markings.

Sometimes the examiner's might also give you an idea of the distance to the junction: 'In half a mile we will be turning right at the roundabout'

If you have a driving instructor (ADI or PDI), then you should be familiar with these driving directions which would have been used while navigation around town during your driving.

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