Driving Test - Luck not Required

Driving Skills to pass the test

If you have a driving test booked, and are praying or hoping to get lucky on the day, then you are not ready or prepared to be taking the driving test.

Many candidates have failed the driving test due to external factors which they had no control over, and if only that pedestrian had not stepped into the road at that time or that other car was not driving so fast, I would have been able to pass! The truth is that you have not gained enough experience, as no matter what happens during the 30 minutes or so that the driving examination lasts, if you are at the test standard, you should be able to deal with it safely!

Part of your job on the day is to convince the DSA driving examiner that you possess the right skills to be given the right to drive on the UK roads without supervision no matter the external factors. Remember the hazard perception portion of the theory test? The purpose of those videos was to test your anticipation and planning skills, so because you've passed the theory test, doesn't mean you have to forget all the information you gained from the hazard perception videos.

Observations on the Driving test

It is very important during your driving test, that you concentrate fully on the task at hand, if you just made a mistake, you need to forget about it, and deal with what is happening at present, that mistake might just be a driving error, and not enough to have failed you, but if your mind is still thinking about it, then your confidence could be knocked, but more importantly, you are not fully concentrating on the remaining of your driving test, and this could lead to a serious driving error!

Driving test manouvers
Don't fail your driving test because you don't take effective observations before starting or during your manouvers! There is no reason you should be in a hurry during your manouver. If it is not safe, wait until the danger passes! If you've had enough practice, you would have done your manouvers under various conditions of traffic, and thus should know how to deal with different situations, when you should STOP, when it is okay to continue, and when you should get out of the way of other road users.

Make sure you've had enough practise before going for the driving test, and that your experience is varied enough to deal with whatever comes your way, while you might not be able to control what other road users do, you surely CAN control the way you react to them.

So don't rely on luck to pass your driving test, trust in your skills.

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  1. Anonymous6:53 pm

    god you dont give people alot of confidence do you!! i know what your saying is right but you havent given any useful tips, to be honest i think you have just made people more nervous if they were taking there test. i mean its hard enough to pass at present let alone with you making people feel even more scared!!!!!
    thanks alot!!!!

  2. Anonymous8:29 pm

    There are over 200 posts on this blog with various tips on passing the test. If you can't be bothered to take the time to have a look round to find the information, then I'm not going to hand it on a plater to you!

    All I'm saying is don't go for a test if you are not prepared! You can't blame someone else for failing if they do something on the road that you can't deal with.

    Being nervous about the test doesn't mean you are not ready, hoping that the examiner doesn't take you on Apex corner roundabout is a sign you are not ready.

  3. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Ok , what about the people whose tests go fine with out any external circumstances. When they are not ready and then they go out and kill some people by dangerous driving.
    Why dont you put that in your pipe and smoke it.




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