Driving Test without Instructor

Learning to drive without ADI or PDI

learning to drive without instructorCurrently there is no DSA requirements for any Driving Test candidates to have learnt to drive or taken a set number of driving lessons with a registered driving instructor (ADI or PDI), therefore it is possible to take the driving test and pass without using the services of a professional instructor or driving school, as you don't need an instructors ADI number to book the driving test. However in my opinion, the chances of passing the current DSA practical driving test without having driving lessons with an ADI are slim, and you WILL NOT pass first time without professional help.

Reasons you need a Driving Instructor to pass the DSA Test

1. Outdated information. Anyone teaching you to drive legally must have held their driving licence for a minimum of 3 years, this means that their knowledge is at least 3 years old, and with the DSA constantly revising the standards for the driving test, only Driving Instructors or DSA examiners will have the full knowledge of what the current DSA requirements are. Just this year 2008, there have been 2 changes to the Driving test, the theory test questions were increased to 50, and the Show Me Tell Me basic maintenance questions at the beginning of the practical part where amended, with a few more questions added.

2. Bad habits. Many drivers pick up bad habits over their driving career, and they unknowingly pass these on to the people they teach to drive. Many of these habits affect the safety of either the car or other road users, and are potential failling points on the driving test.

3. Ability to teach. Just because you know how to drive a car, doesn't meant you have the ability to teach someone else to do so! More importantly would you be able to teach someone to drive according to the DSA standard? Will your current teacher pass the driving test if they sat for it today? If not why are they teaching you to drive?

Private Practice for driving test

There is a big difference between having a supervising driver with you while you have some private practice of the tasks you have learnt during driving lessons with an ADI or PDI and privately being tutored by a parent or family friend, and you should make sure that you only follow the advice your instructor has given you, and not that of a supervising driver when you carry out your private practice for the driving test.

I know there might be financial reasons for many people not learning to drive with an instructor, but for you to have a real chance of passing the test, you need the correct knowledge and skills and the best person to give that to you is a registered, approved DSA driving instructor (ADI or PDI).

Don't play driving test games, gambling on luck to get you through, use a driving instructor.

If you are in the UK, you might be interested in Focus Media's Driving Test simulator for the PC, which has a virtual driving test simulator.

Note: If you would like to use a honest, patient and experienced driving instructor to help you prepare for your test in the NW London area, then give me a call on 07956233032. While I can't guarantee that you will pass, I will give you the best driver training at affordable rates (£20 for first lesson), passing on all my years of experience and local knowledge to give you the best chance of passing, with everything recorded on DVD free if you want, so you can revise over and over again. Please note I only offer manual driving lessons.

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