Saturday Driving Test - Refund for extra charge.

Saturday Driving Test after November 1st 2005?

If you've ever taken a Saturday or Sunday Driving Test since November 1st 2005, you could be due a refund of the extra fee you were charged by the Driving Standards Agency.

A press release by the DSA says:

"The Driving Standards Agency is writing to learner driver candidates who have booked practical driving tests on a Saturday since November 2005, to offer a refund for overpayment of fees caused by accidental overcharging and to apologise for the error.

We are taking this action because of an error in regulations made on 1 November 2005 which had the unintended consequence of removing the differential between normal weekday hours and Saturday charges for taking a driving test. The refund offered is the premium paid for a Saturday test, currently £10.50 for a car test.

An amending regulation has now been laid in Parliament to reinstate in law the intended differential in fees. The Agency is obliged to recover administrative costs through fees, including the extra costs of Saturday operation, for example in overtime. Tests booked from 7 July onwards will be charged at the intended Saturday rate of £67.00

The Driving Standards Agency apologises for the error and is contacting all those affected, but customers can speak direct to the Agency’s advisers by calling (0191) 201 4098 between 9am and 5pm if they want information in the meantime. DSA believes around 270,000 candidates will be affected."

DSA Press release June 21st 2008

So if you know of anyone who took a weekend driving test or has one booked before July 7th 2008, you should call the DSA if you haven't heard from them 3 weeks from the date of the press release.

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