UK Driving School - TV show trailer

UK driving school is Britain's first internet only reality TV show following UK driving instructors and pupils as they prepare for one of the world's most stringent driving test, the UK 'L' test.

Here is a preview of what you can expect on UK driving school the internet TV show produced by a driving instructor specifically for learner drivers in the UK.

Download the uk driving school podcast to your portable device.

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  1. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Hi there Adi,

    I am working hard at the moment to pass my test. I have a theory test on the 6th of March, currently 26 hours of driving with my instructor under my belt and looking forward to taking my practical test soon.
    I used Google to research even further than what the DSA cd-rom and the highway code can offer, and after watching A LOT of your videos on your site - I have found what I needed!
    So, I felt the need to email you and thank you for your effort of posting your thoughts, knowledge, opinions and experience as a qualified instructor to the rest of the UK.

    Keep it up! I am sure I am not the only one to benefit from your hard work!

    All the best,




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