Free driving lessons

I'm currently not offering a free driving lesson in Mill Hill, but I'm amazed at how many enquirers expect me to give them all free tuition lesson as an introductory offer because they think all driving instructors are deperate for work due to ecomonic downturn or credit crunch!

This week alone, I've had 3 potential pupils ask me if the first hour of driving tuition is free. As usual the normal conversation goes along the lines:

Caller: How much are your lessons?
Me: £20 for 1st lesson, are the driving lessons for you or someone else?

Caller: Me

Caller: How many lessons would I need for my test, I've had driving lessons in the past, took a break and now want to get my licence ASAP.
Me: Until I've assessed your current driving skills I can't say, do you want to book an assessment lesson?

Caller: Do you also go on test routes during lessons?
Me: Yes if you are at the right standard.

Caller: How about an assessment next week Tuesday at 10am?
Me: I can do 10.30 on Tuesday if that suits you?

Caller: 10.30 is fine, do I get a free driving lesson for this assessment?
Me: No you don't.

Caller: Okay, I'll call you back to confirm.

If I were to give everyone that wanted to learn with me a free driving lesson, how would I break even, not to talk of earn a living?
I don't know why learners think that driving instructors are loaded and can give free or discounted lessons to them. If you want to learn a skill you should research how much it will cost, budget for it, and when you are ready seek someone to teach you, going for the cheapest teacher is not usually the best route, you end up wasting your money most of the time.

In any case even if I gave you a free driving lesson, there is no guarantee that you would choose me is there?

What do you look for before you choose an instructor (assuming you had no recommendations) or take free driving lessons with a school?

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