Undue Hesitation on UK Driving Test

Learners know they will fail the UK driving test for undue hesitation, but what exactly is hesitation on the UK driving test? In this video I give an explanation and show why you would be penalised for being too cautious during the driving test. Footage from an actual driving lesson is included to further illustrate the point.

Hesistation is all about not making progress when it is safe to do so, be it driving too slowly on a dual carriageway, not going at a junction when there is clearly a safe gap or taking too long with a driving test manoeuvre with nobody around. You also need to know when you have priority at a junction and not be intimidated by other cars who might be approaching very fast.

My experience has shown that people with adequate knowledge of the highway code do not have a problem of un-due hesitation.

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  1. thanks for that. helped me out a lot.

  2. Car in right lane at red light. Me in lorry left lane turning left green light. Car close to white line. Me concerned of back end clipping car when turning so i stayed til car had gone. Failed for undue hesitation. Explained to examiner while we sat there any i wasn't going.Would of passed with 3 minors without it.Is that unfair or am i wrong to be a little peevd at this?




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