Driving Test age is 17 and not changing

Changes to the driving age.
The current age at which you can start learning to driving a car is not changing, nor will it be increased to 18 in the near future.
You can still apply for a provisional driving license in the UK at 17 (16 if you are getting the higher disability benefit), and there is no truth in rumours that the driving age will be raised.

The last plans from the government are here, but these have not been passed into law, and bear in mind that it can take a year to do so. If have started learning just keep on as normal, and if you are thinking about it, they why not go ahead at least by applying for the provisional.

There has been mention of the age for obtaining a provisional driving license being raised in many circles, but the government has not even had a consultation in parliarment, and it is definately not law yet, neither is there any current draft law being passed in parliament to change the test age to 18 or 21! These things take time so there would be at least 2 years notice for all drivers before any changes are brought into place!

I'm not sure why these driving age rumors keep circulating in different forums mentioning years like being born in 1993 etc, but there will be enough media coverage and your ADI instructors will know if any new laws are passed, as they are in the frontine of training new drivers.

Here is a question for you: Should driving age be 17? Personally I don't think it should, but then I am not a member of parliament.

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