Pass UK driving test first time.

The current national average pass rate for the UK driving test is 40%, so if you want to pass your driving test first time or even at the next attempt for that matter, maybe you should listen to the advice of this learner driver I meet at the old Hendon driving test centre in aerodrome road NW London back in 2007. See video below.

Surely he is not one of those driving instructors only after your money!

Passing the DSA car test first time will require more than just luck, but the good thing is that you can do it if you really put your heart and mind to it especially with the right driving instructor helping you.
Every day all over the UK, somebody does, so why shouldn't it be you?

If you are not using a driving instructor to prepare (which is not compulsary), can I suggest you get a copy of the official dsa guide to the practical test, it costs less than a 1 hour driving lesson but has all the information on what is required to pass first time, including videos of an actual driving test so you can see what the examiner will be looking for (up to datde information that your friend, family member might not possess) including the new 10 minute independent driving test element.

I would like you to pass the driving test first time, so if you need any practical help with manuevers, want to practise on the offical dsa routes or just need some last minute lesson and advice, give me a call on 07956233032 to arrange a session in my manual toyota yaris car.

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