Driving test nerves

Many people fail their UK driving test due to nerves, so here are a few video tips that might help you deal with test nerves.

Sometimes even following the tips in the video above have not completely solved the problem, so I then recommend trying the out the hypnotherapy CD below which has worked for some of my learners:

You might also want to have a look at the following book "L of a Way to pass"

help with driving test nerves

Here is the synopsis of the book L of a way to pass as posted by the publisher

'Every year over half of the driving tests taken result in failure, often just as a result of nerves on the day rather than due to bad driving. In addition, learner drivers may be spending much more money and time on repetitive lessons than they need to. This book shows you how to pass your driving test stress free and in fewer lessons, saving you lots of time money. Now you need to ask yourself: are you ready for that? If you already feel completely confident in your ability, believe that you can perform all the manoeuvres correctly, drive totally without your instructor's help and guidance, and are totally confident in your ability to pass your test, then don't buy this book because you don't need it. However, if there is the slightest doubt in your mind about your confidence or competence levels, or you think that 'nerves' will get the better of you on your test, then read on, this book has been written especially for you. If you are one of the ten percent of the population who is dyslexic you will know that learning to drive can present challenges for you.Therefore, a specialist chapter has been written for you using multi-sensory learning techniques to make learning easier and much more enjoyable.
If you are thinking about taking your driving test, you need to read the chapter 'Top Ten reasons for failure and how to avoid them'

If you have found this Driving test nerves video article very helpful, are preparing for your practical car assessment with a DSA examiner, then why not subcribe to my driving test tips for more informative posts that will help with your preparation for one of the most difficult driving car assessments in the world.

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