Left Bay Park - learning to drive

Bay Parking Video

In this driving lesson video I explain to a pupil the left bay parking exercise, and we then give it a try.

My method is to place the passenger's B pillar (the bit that seperates the front passenger door from the rear passenger) in the middle of parking bay 1, then full lock to the left. Once the car is fully in the bay and just as it is straight and parallel o the lines, one and half turns to the right. You should end up in bay 3.

When learning bay parking your driving instructor would start off in your early lessons using reference points, by the time you are test ready you should be able to park the car by more generally looking and driving, as the reference points might not be the same for different cars, and you need to be confident you will be able to bay park your car in the supermaket without crashing or denting it.

Left Bay Park Video

This left bay parking video tutorial was recorded when I was offering AA driving lessons, so the references are to a ford focus car.

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