Driving Test in a G-Wiz Electric Car?

The DSA will soon be introducing an element of environmental awareness into the driving test, where you will get marked down for harsh accelerating, braking, but will we one day be able to take a driving test in a G-Wiz electric car?

The government seems to be taking the green issue more seriously as they are currently running a poster campaign to encourage drivers to be more environmental conscious while driving.

Tax on 4X4 car's was also increased in today's budget, with a further increase coming into effect next year.

Don't know what a G-Wiz is, check it out.

The only current problem with taking the driving test in the G-Wiz, is that it might not be big enough to allow a DSA supervisor to sit in the back, and that could be a problem, so if not this car, then maybe a Toyota Hybrid which is probably classified as an automatic car for the driving test.

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