Learning to drive in Spring

Driving lessons in spring

Looks like spring is finally here, and a lot of people start to think about learning to drive here in the UK and thus be booking driving lessons which means increased business for driving instructors and an increase in the weekly earnings of the ADI or PDI.

I'm not sure why a lot of people prefer to wait till spring/summer before they start to learn to drive, but the longer days might have something to do with it, as driving lessons will be conducted during the longer hours of daylight, and thus boost the learner driver's confidence.

If you are one of those planning to start learning soon, here is some advice for your driving lessons.

Don't wait for your instructor to do everything for you, start now by getting the highway code and a theory test book, if you are familiar with the highway code, and start practising for the theory test, then when you finally get in the car for your driving tuition, things will be much clearer to you, your instructor will be able to spend more time on the practical aspect of driving, rather than explaining things like what a give way sign is, and so on, you might think this is trivial, but if you add up all the time during your driving lessons when the instructor has to get you to pull up safely on the left to explain a concept to you, it can turn out to be a few hours, also it means that if you know the theory, the instructor has less of a reason for getting you to stop for him/her to conserve petrol and allow him to waste valuable time that could be used practicing. There will always be times when you will need to be stopped on the left using SCALP because a new bit of theory or technique needs to be explained or a mistake needs to be addressed, so don't think that every time you are pulled up, your time is being wasted.

The one person who determines how you progress in your driving career is you, so get in there early, read the highway code until you know it back to front. The knowledge will be very useful to you when you get out on the road during your driving lessons.

All the best, and remember that you can do can pass the driving test as long as you put your mind to it, prepare properly, no matter what each day brings, keep at it. Success is failure that tried one more time! and that includes getting a full driving licence!

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