Failed your driving test?

Have you recently failed your UK driving test, you are not a failure!

I have given tips to help you pass your UK driving test first time in my Pass the UK driving test first time post. But let's be honest, not everyone will pass their driving test first time, even if they have followed all the steps, as we all humans, it doesn't matter how many times you've failed-twice, sometimes we make silly mistakes at the wrong time, especially if you are overcome by driving test nerves.

You might have been totally prepared for the driving test, but on the day of the test might suffer a panic attack, be unlucky and have another driver do something that could take you by surprise, and your limited experience might not have been enough to deal with it, or for what ever reason, you made a mistake which turned out to be a serious driver error, and thus not pass the test. If you failed your test first time or 10th time, no matter how many times you have taken your test, you are not a failure!

There is a saying 'Success is failure that tried once more'.

Life is full of hurdles, and you might find learning a new language very easy, while you struggle with passing your driving test, this is normal, and it just means you need to put that little extra effort in your driving lessons, and not give up, no matter how hard or many times you have tried. Do not give up!

Depending on what your particular hurdle might be, there are various things that you could do to help you succeed!

Nerves: You might need to visit your GP, or visit an alternate medicine practitioner for some herbal remedy to help calm you down when under pressure. Always get enough rest the day before your driving test, and make sure you eat before the test.

ADI: If you've been with the same ADI, and don't seem to be making way with your test, why not have a lesson or two with another driving instructor? A new instructor might have a different approach to your problem which might suit you better! Instructors are humans, and it might be that you would relate better with someone else. Don't make a habit of changing instructors after each driving test though.

You: You might need to change your attitude towards driving. Don't see driving as a necessary evil you have to overcome, but how about treating it as a new hobby, and a skill that you want to master! Don't put un-necessary pressure on yourself, counting the number of times you have taken the test, how much you have spent, and this must be the last time, instead think about all the things you CAN do while driving and put a little more effort into those things you CANT do. Start looking forward to your lessons, and the opportunity you will have of overcoming a difficult skill.

There is nothing new under the sun, and someone has already gone through what you are going through, so go out there and get your driving license.

Success is failure that tried one more time!

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