Arctic Weather and Driving

With the artic weather conditions lingering over the country, as a learner driver it might be good if you read the following article by Jon Fry about Driving in Extreme Weather Conditions. While you won't be expected to take a driving test in these conditions, you might find yourself having to be out in simiiar weather after pasing your driving test.

Even if you've passed your test, Jon has a few articles which are informative and educational to experienced drivers.

It is the responsibility of ever car driver, learner or not to make sure that they only drive in conditions that are safe for them, weather alerts are issued to warn you of black ice and snowy conditions, if the journey is not important, stay at home, it is better to stay alive and fight another day than risk the journey and put your life in danger while out driving in dangerous artic winter conditions, so don't go winter driving if it is not necessary.

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