Pass Driving test? You are not serious!

The Christmas and New Year period is usually the quietest time of the year for most driving instructors, as many pupils either travel or take time off to be with family. Luckily, I also get a week franchise free period with my AA driving school franchise, so the effect is somewhat limited.

So last week my pupils start to return for their driving lessons, and we try to pick up from where we were the last time we met. One of my pupils who has had over 25 hours of tuition with me had her first lesson of the year with me, and her driving was not that bad considering she had been away for about 4 weeks, but what really disappointed me was the fact that she had not passed her driving theory test, and this was her 3rd attempt! While I could understand the fail on the 1st occasion, the 2nd she did not attend as she was late, and the 3rd she said she forgot her glasses, so could not see the screen properly!

This is someone who started learning in late 2004! and I remember her saying I want to have my full British licence by 2005. I have done so many pep talks trying to encourage her to be a bit more serious, but all to no avail! She has also been very inconsistent with her driving lessons, sometimes leaving 4 weeks between them. While she has been a good earner moneywise, I would prefer to have her pass her driving test and recommend others to me.

The other pupil I had this week has a confidence problem, and one of the things I have mentioned to her to help is to make sure she knows the law of the road, that way she will know when to give way to others, but at the moment, she tends to slow down for almost every vehicle that tries to get in her way whether they have the right of way or not!

Sometimes I get frustrated when pupils don't take my advise, as it not only makes my work harder, but it also slows down their progress. I believe you can never have too much knowledge, so even if you have passed your theory test, keep reading your books, so when you are out on the road, you are fully aware of the laws of the road.
The faster you are understanding a road sign or signal the quicker you will be able to deal with it, and the more confident you will be with your driving.

There is only one person that stops you from passing that UK driving test, YOURSELF.

One instructor's motto is 'Don't blame me, I wasn't driving!'

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