I'm a driving instructor give me a break

It's been a busy week for me as a driving instructor, it all started during a Sunday driving lesson, as I had to do a lot of work with that pupil, working on junctions, gear changes, anticipation and building up her confidence. At the end of the lesson, she had improved, and I hope she is able to continue from where we left off in the next lesson.

Monday was hectic at my normal business place, and in the evening I had a driving lesson with one of my new pupils. After a recap of the last lesson, we went on to do some more practising of moving of and stopping, this time incorporating gear changes, and working a bit more on steering at the same time. The road we using also gave us the chance to do hill starts, both up hill and down hill and surprisingly the student was able to remain calm and not roll back or burn out my clutch during the hill start.

In order to break the boredom of going up and down the same road, I introduced approaching junctions to turn right (the road was not suitable for turning left), so now we could drive round the block, without me having to turn the car round. In all a very productive lesson, with the pupil making some good progress. If he makes the same progress next week, then I might surprise him by getting him to drive home on his third lesson (it only down the road anyway).

Tuesday at my normal business turned out to be hectic again, and because one of my pupils has a driving test coming up soon, I had a lesson in the evening which is usually an off day for me.

The pupil is my mature student and this was an opportunity to see how serious she was about wanting to pass the test. I had planned the evening would be spent mainly on manoeuvres. We drove to the local training area, where we started off with a 'turn in the road' that went without any problems. A short drive, and next was the 'reverse round the corner', the started off on the wrong foot, as she did pull up close to the kerb, and ended up going round a bit wide. Two more attempts, and it was perfect, but at least she got the main points so on to the 'emergency stop'. We had to do this three times, as during the first two attempts she was not firm enough on the brakes, the third attempt was good, but she stalled the car (oh well).
Some more junctions and it was time for the 'parallel park' which I had to talk her through 2 lessons ago, and was hoping that this would be good without me intervening, in my dreams. We only had one attempt at it, as we were running out of time, and it was not good, I decided we should make our way home, and we would conclude the lesson with another 'parallel park' at her home. This was no better than the last one, so looks like Saturday will be busy with her again!

Well at least I will have some rest tomorrow, and hope things cool down at my normal business.


  1. Anonymous12:27 pm

    OK this might seem like a silly question: What makes a road 'unsuitable for turning left' (aside form lack of left turnings)?

  2. Should have been a bit clearer, the road did not have any left turns major to minor.




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