Driving Lessons Star Pupil

Well at least for 25 minutes of the driving lesson.

The pupil I had today texted me last week to cancel her lesson due to ill health, and promised to be my star pupil this week, so I was looking forward to a smooth drive.

I picked her up as usual, but decided to take a different route from her home, in fact I didn't know where the road we taking would lead us, so I was extra alert just to make sure we were safe. I need no have worried, as my pupil drove well, maintaining good pace, and even pulled up early on the narrow road to let a bus through just as it pulled out from a bus stop. I was impressed, after about 15 minutes, I recognised where we were, and directed her to our normal training area. We still had to deal with the busy Apex corner roundabout, but I talked her through it, and got through with out any incidents.

We got to our training area, so I asked her to pull up, and explained that I wanted her to do a 'parallel park'. This she did without any major problems, in fact it would have passed if that was a driving test. We drove up the road a bit, and it was time for a 'turn in the road'. We had now been driving for about 25 minutes. The first leg of the exercise she did without any problems, however 2 cars turned up on either side of the road, and for some reason she lost her concentration at this point, and climbed the kerb as she reversed. She never recovered from that, as the remaining manoeuvres were done at sub test standard, and even when she had a second go at the 'turn in the road' it still wasn't good enough.

Anyway at least she kept her promise from last week, even if it was only for 25 minutes!

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