Saturday Lessons for the driving instructor

Driving Instructor life on Saturdays
Saturday can be a very busy day for a UK driving instructor if he/she desires it to be. A lot of working people will only be willing to take driving lessons on a Saturday or Sunday, so if one desires you can have a full day of lesson bookings.

I personally as a driving instructor tend to work only in the mornings and would try and keep my Saturday driving lessons to the Mill Hill or Hendon areas of London, so I can have some time with the family or do other things that can't get done during the week, including getting the shopping from Brent Cross shopping Centre.

I don't have any driving lessons today, as I had a hang glider flying appointment out of town in Suffolk, but unfortunately that was cancelled due to bad weather as we can only fly in certain conditions.

I might have a driving lesson tomorrow afternoon with my 50 year old elderly lady I haven't seen for a couple of weeks, so that might be fun. I'll let you know how I get on.

Remember that while you can always choose when and which days to want to work on, if you want to make a reasonable living being a driving instructor, you need to work a lot of hours, some of them unsocial to get a good income, so don't believe those red driving school TV adverts that make you think there is enough during the working day. The other thing is that until you have given a driving lesson, the income is not confirmed as you could even turn up for a session and the learner might not be in or just give the excuse they are sick and unable to drive!

In the meantime feel free to leave feedback or ask any questions via the comments section on anything about life as a driving instructor or training to become an ADI or DVSA examiner queries.

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