Driving Lesson - My pupil wants to kill me!

Yesterday I had a driving lesson with one of my least favourite pupils. Least favourite because she really makes me work for my money (which is not bad), but attitude conveys the message that she doesn't seem to be taking things seriously enough for someone who wants to pass the driving test first time.

She hadn't had a driving lesson for about 10 days, so my intentions where to do a bit of revision by driving around the roads we used last going over what we had already learnt (she's a relatively a beginner), and then introduce something new a little later in the lesson if progress was made.

She drove off from her house, and we headed to the area where we normally do our manoeuvres.

The first manoeuvre we were to do was the parallel parking exercise, we had gone over the exercise a few times, and because she was having problems with it I had asked to make sure she wrote the steps in a notebook and went over it in between driving lessons as well as check out my video tutorial which I gave her the link to.

She pulled up alongside the designated car, reversed till the back of the cars were level, then for some reason started to turn the wheel right instead of left, after a while she realised her mistake corrected it but the car was already out of position, and she still didn't remember the rest of the manoeuvre anyway, so I had to spend the next 10 minutes refreshing the exercise.

I wanted us to drive around a little before we tried the next exercise, when I noticed that her approach to T Junctions was too fast (it was almost as if she wanted to get us killed in an accident), and we now had to address that issue! Even while we were doing this, she seemed to always want to brake at the last minute as she approached the junction, at one point she actually crossed the give way lines and stopped in the junction.

Parallel Parking Driving Lesson Video

To cut a long story short the whole driving lesson was spent revising what we had already learnt, and I had to insist that she get a copy of the The Highway Code and revise on the driving theory, especially junctions how to approach and the other things that we had done during the day's lesson.

The first thing I will check on Tuesday when she has her next driving lesson is to see the copy of the book, hopefully I will have a less stressful hour, but more importantly she will be able to get good value for her money by not spending too much time in revision.

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  1. Anonymous4:18 pm

    My driving instructor finally got me to parallel park properly by making me do it alongside a brand new porsche. I found it concentrated the mind wonderfully ...

  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll try that and see if it works on my pupil.

  3. LOL!, poor you, dont worry that means more money for you cause the girl obviously does not want to learn.
    That is a great tip for parallel parking alongside a porsche! Ha you will do the best parking youve done in your life! Thank God my instructor never made me do that if not i would have been sweating bullets.

  4. Anonymous12:45 am

    My first driving instructor (I moved from London to Manchester halfway) taught me a way to parallel park that Just Worked (TM). When I restarted my lessons, the new instructor asked me to park, to see if I really knew how. He made me do it again, asking me to detail exactly what I was doing. That's the way he teaches all his pupils now!
    Funny thing is, I'm incapable (5 years on) of actually describing the procedure - it's become a real reflex - not that I parallel park much any more, I live in the French countryside :-)

  5. It is hard work sometimes, but i think the problem is having long gaps between lessons and unless you have a student who keeps himself upto date and does some reading etc your student has forgoton what was done previously.

  6. This is quite common that students do not remember lot of what they have learned, so really 1st half of the lessons should be revising and practicing what they did on last lesson.

  7. Thanks for sharing your views and i agree entirely with the Driving Instructor.




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