Interesting Sunday Driving Lesson Over 50 year Old

I picked up my elderly lady learner driver after her Sunday afternoon church service, and wasn't sure what to expect, as her last driving lesson was about 6 weeks ago. Still I decided not to go easy on her, and had her drive out of the busy church car park which she handled well considering she is a bit nervous and clutch control was not one of her strongest skills at the moment.

We then drove through the local side streets and got ready to join the busy Harrow A Road, again she coped well with the pressure and we proceeded to have a good lesson with just a few minor mistakes having covered busy junctions including roundabouts, dual carriageways and the 2 car manoeuvres we have learnt so far. We are making slow but steady progress, and I would advice anyone who thinks they have left it late to learn, to go for it. You just need to find the right instructor, put in the hard work and never give up.

One thing that I don't get is when it's a nice sunny day as it was today, drivers seem to go bonkers, with many pulling out in front of us during the driving lesson when they had to give way, motorcyclists cutting across our path and just general lack of safety on the roads.

All in all she is progressing well, considering her age and the fact that she is usually nervous before her driving lessons. I've got a surprise in stock for her next Sunday, she'll be going on the busier A1 dual carriageway, she doesn't know that, and I won't be telling her that at the beginning of the day either!

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  1. Well done, everyone has right to learn driving and be treated fairly and equally.




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