TV For Learner Drivers - Mirror Signal Manoeuvre

If you are currently preparing for the UK driving test, there is a TV programme currently on BBC1 at 09:00 or 09:15 (depending on when BBC Breakfast finishes), called 'Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre' which is good to watch, I love Nadia she is such a funny character and presenter..

It is always good to learn from other people's mistakes, and also see what others do to pass their driving test. So set your Tivo or Sky+ device.

I'm also working on the pilot of a new internet TV reality programme for learner drivers, PDI Instructors and hoping that it becomes a popular resource for those who would like to pass the driving test, so if you are interested in taking part, then get in touch via the comments section below.

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  1. Hello Driving Instructor,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Well the photo there is actually mine!!

    I was just playing with the feature that enables one to add any photos to the posts and voila! the only one I could think of adding was mine!!

    Thinking back now, it may have sent the wrong message i.e. that I was one of the ones who had passed away!

    Anyway, thanks again for visiting the blog and do come again. Should I ever need any help with learning the ropes of driving in a right-hand driving environment like the Uk, I know who to call now, don't I? (smile).

    Cheers and God bless,


  2. Hi Thanks for the comments and visiting my page and yes im settling well in my new job et al
    Well as i said i took my test and i failed woefully not from mirror or anything was basically not paying attention to hazards on the road. Well will need some tips to help me pass the second time around cause i tell you these tests are not exactly cheap!

  3. Nneka,

    I know what you mean when you say these tests are not cheap, which is why is very good to make sure you are totally prepared before you take it.

    Regarding hazards on the road, the main thing is don't drive too fast (25mph is a good speed for a 30mph area), then scan the road ahead of you, you want to look for what is happening in front of the car as well as 5 car lenghts or more ahead. Do this constantly, if you spot a potential hazard, take you foot of the gas (don't brake, access the situation, and then react), by taking your foot of the gas, you slow the car down enough to give you a few seconds to think, you can then either go back on the gas if its safe or brake to slow down more and stop if necessary.

    You can start practising you hazard awareness on the bus or as a passenger in a car. If you get the think process in motion before you get in the car, then things will work better. It takes dicipline though to do these practises, is this is where a lot of pupils fail, as they really don't do it until their next lesson

  4. Thanks for the tips very useful, not all instructors will tell you this, all they tell you look left right and all that. Been practising my hazard perception and all and driving real slow as i have a tendency to speed! Yes i am controlling it and i will drive at that 25mph even if it kills me on my test day which is scheduled next month.

    Yey! I am moving in today so will be an exhausting weekend for me.
    Have a nice weekend




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