Narrowly Missed Passing First Driving Test Attempt

If you have narrowly missed passing your first driving test, then you like many other learner drivers will be thinking that I'm going to rebook my next test as soon as possible and take one lesson the day before the appointment and will ace it this time!

I have seen many adopt this tactic, and it has backfired on them because it is the wrong approach to passing the driving test, especially here in London where there could be 8 weeks between the 2 test dates due to long waiting lists at DSA test centres.

While you might have narrow missed passing with a serious fault and maybe only a few minor driver errors, what you need to realise is that your standard of driving will drop if you do not continue to practice all the things that you did so well on your first driving test attempt. You will start to forget those simple mirror checks, that blind spot before moving off, the smooth control you had while reversing round the corner.

Taking just a lesson once a week, will keep your skills current, while allowing you to continue strengthen any weaknesses that you might have been working on. This is not about making more money out of you, it is about improving your chances of passing the driving test on your next attempt. Set a goal for each lesson, whether it be practising multi-lane roundabouts, gaining more confidence in the parallel parking exercise or gaining more experience driving on the 70mph A1 dual carriageway. You are paying for a service, so make sure your instructor is working with you to achieve your goals, do not allow him/her to bully you into doing what they prefer doing (avoiding dual carriageway to conserve fuel).

If you take this advice not only will you improve on your first driving test attempt, you might surprise yourself passing without any driver errors! Do not assume you will get the same test route and remember failing at junctions is the top most serious dsa driving test fault.

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