Driving With DSA Test Pass Certificate

If you have finally passed the driving test and the DSA examiner took both parts of your provisional driving licence, then it is perfectly legal to drive a vehicle in the UK with just your pass certificate, as long as the car is insured to be driven by you.

It should normally take about 3 weeks for your full pink driving licence to arrive from the DVLA after you have passed, but if for any reason it has not, you should contact the DVLA office on 0300 7906801.

If you do decide to drive a car, it is best if you have your DSA pass certificate with you in the vehicle at all times to avoid problems if you get stopped by an ANPR police car while out and about.

Finally remember that you are on a 2 year probabtion period, so be safe on the road, and adhere to the highway code and traffic regulations, or you might find yourself having to take another practical driving test.

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