Simple UK Driving Test Mistakes That Learners Fail On!

I want to use this website page to show you some of the simple driving test mistakes that many learner drivers fail the DSA practical car assessment on.

Most of these driver errors are usually caused either by a quick lapse in concentration or by lack of knowledge of the rel="nofollow">Highway Code.

Road Signs

In this first example the error was ignoring or not noticing some road signs 3 of them (a common leaner bad habit).

The driver was about to go through a red stop light, and I had to intervine. This footage was taken during a mock test.

Road Positioning

Here is the classic mistake of not taking notice of road markings painted on the tarmac surface.
While the driver shown is this video is not a learner, the footage illustrates the point, and explains why an examiner might classify it as a serious fault on the DL25 report.

Do not get into the habit of classifying any mistakes you make during driving lessons as minor, work on all weaknesses and put in the effort not to do them. It only takes ONE mistake to fail.

Observations When Moving Off After Normal Stop

This is one of the most simplest mistakes that you should really be avoiding. On the driving test you will be asked to stop at least 4 times on the left by the driving examiner, and then told to move off almost immediately. Many
provisional licence holders make the common mistake of not checking the right blind spot before moving off, and think that because nothing was there, it is not a serious fault. On the driving test if you do not check the blind spot 3 times when moving off, you are very likely to get a serious fault even if there was no cars coming.

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