Learning to Drive Too Hard, Thinking Of Giving Up?

Are you one of those provisional licence holders who was very enthusiastic about learning to drive, and couldn't wait for your first driving lesson, but now after a few sessions you are finding out that it is not as easy as you thought or maybe you are even almost at test standard but are having major problems with a few things such as multi-lane roundabouts or a manuever, then I want to encourage you to keep on working at it and not give up on learning to drive.
The same applies to those of you that might have failed the driving test more than 3 or 4 times, as it could be very discouraging, but I personally know someone (not one of my learners) who only passed after 11 attempts! This person is now a good safe and confident driver, who has put those failures behind, been able to get a decent job due to having a full driving licence and earns more than they could have dreamed of, but more importantly have learnt that life is full of obstacles, and only by not giving up do you have a chance of getting what you want in life.

I know times are hard, and money is tight, which is why you need to make sure you have the right driving instructor while learning to drive, as you want the best training especially if you have weaknesses that you struggle with.
It is not your fault if you find a particular driving skill difficult, your instructor should be able to break the process down so you can understand, while choosing a suitable location to practise so you can grasp the principles. Once you unserstand how to deal with the situation you then will have to practise this first without any pressure (quiet roads) and then gradually build up to more busy areas. At the same time the instructor will go from full talk through where they tell you every single instruction step by step, then reducing instructions by prompting via questions to make sure you have memorised/understood the process through to the stage whereby they withdraw all instructions (you are fully independent) and rarely have to prompt you.

It is important that you remember that everyone learns at different paces, so just because a sibbling, friend the same age or other people you know passed after a specific number of driving lessons does not mean that the same has to apply to you. The other thing to remember is that even if you are very academic and have never failed an exam or test before, the DSA practical car driving test is not a written examination or one where you can skip questions or take long thinking about what needs to be done. There are situations where split second decisions need to be made, and nerves can play an important role in how you perform, so if you have not had enough practise or experience you could commit a serious driver error which could lead to failure!

So as I said at the beginning on this article, you need to keep working hard, make any changes that are necessary for you to succeed, get as much knowledge of the UK road and traffic signs, by keeping a copy of the official highway code with you and read in between lessons so you can make those split second decisions more confidently.
With hard work, and enough practise, there is no reason why you should give up on learning to drive or not achieve the dream of getting a full UK driving licence and buy that car you always wanted.

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