Driving Without Full UK Licence - Provisional Only

There are many of you with only a provisional driving licence who are driving various cars unsupervised, many carrying children and babies, and despite the fact that you have a full comprehensive insurance policy are taking a very great risk which could prove very costly if you are unfortunate to be involved in a car accident.

If you are confident and skilled enough to drive a car unsupervised, then the question is why don't you apply for and take the DSA practical assessment? You can not use the excuse that the examiner keeps failing me, as with all tests, if you do what is required at the correct standard, you will pass.

It is important that as a driver, you obey the laws of the land such as driving with insurance. If you are a parent, then you should not be putting your children at risk by driving your car unsupervised if all you have is a provisional licence, because you are not insured even if you have a valid insurance policy with your name on it. While it might stop you from being pulled up by a police car with ANPR, if you are involved in an accident that is the time when you will find out that your insurance company will not honor any claims you might bring because you were not driving according to the terms of your insurance policy! Trust me, you do not want to find that out if an un-insured driver smashes into your £8000 new car. Not to think of you or your child being injured and you have no legal expenses cover to fight a compensation claim for injuries sustained!

You might think you are a safe driver, and nothing will happen to you, but I am on the road everyday where I see so many 'safe' drivers involved in various incidents ranging from minor shunts to major collisions requiring police and ambulance attendance. You need to think about the consequeces of your actions, for many of you, it is not even the cost of taking the driving lessons that is stopping you, but you think it is not important enough for you to make the time, and are willing to risk having points on your licence if caught, but that could be the least of your worries if you hit someone, cause serious injuries or death and are faced with a civil court case suing for £1,000,000 and your insurance company backs out on you due to your negligence.

If you take the time to learn what the examiners expect from you on the DSA car practical assessment, choose the right driving instructor to give you the training, and practise enough times, there is no reason why you can't pass at your next attempt, and then you can drive without having to look over your shoulder everytime you hear a siren or rest assured that you are insured no matter the incident your are involved in.

If you take a driving lesson with me today, I can point out all the weak areas you need to work on and get you ready for your next test in the shortest amount of time. Why not call or send me a text message on 07956233032, and see how I can get you legal and covered.

Thinking about becoming an instructor? Don't just make a decision based on the red driving school TV advertisement, do the proper research and know all the ADI training options available to you.

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