Deal with Junctions Safely Not Quickly

Junctions are one of the most common and easiest places for a candidate to fail a driving test. The main reason for this is the myth that the driving examiner does not want you to hold up traffic and therefore you need to deal with the junction quickly and not to wait too long!

This is not correct or true. When it comes to junctions, there are a few things that the examiner is looking for.

Approach to a Junction: The DSA examiner expects and is looking for you to approach the junction safely. This means that the speed of your car as you get closer to the junction needs to be appropriate for your skills level and the prevailing conditions. Don't copy what other vehicles are doing, not only are they experienced, they are probably very familiar with the junction, but MOST IMPORTANTLY they are not on a test, and can get away with things that you will fail on if you do the same thing. So always approach the junction at a speed that allows you to use MSPSL routine properly, giving other roads user adequate warning of your intentions.

Once at the Junction: This is the crucial bit, and where most learner drivers on a test go wrong. You MUST NOT enter a junction where you have to Give Way if your actions will cause other road users to either slow down/stop or change direction no matter HOW LONG you have been waiting. If it is busy, you need to wait until you have a safe gap (it takes a lot of practice to spot and make use of gaps in traffic), and the examiner can see what is going on, so do not be pressured by cars behind you. This is where your driving instructor needs to earn the money you are paying them by making sure you have the necessary skills and enough practise of dealing with these situations.

The official DSA driving manual shown above gives you the exact procedure to follow on the test, so if in doubt of the information you have been given by anyone, always go by what it says in the book, as that is standard by which the examiner will mark.

Move swift away from Junctions: Once you have spotted a gap, do not hang around, accelerate swift away, many learner drivers are too slow and the result is that other vehicles catch up with you despite the fact that there was a safe gap when the decision was made.

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