How To Pass The UK Driving Test

Here are 3 important steps that will help you pass the driving test at your next attempt.

1. Learn to drive a car at the standard required by the DSA examiner.

The only way you are going to get a pass certificate from the strict UK driving test examiners, is to learn to drive according to the manner that they will expect you to be when you take the 40 minute practical car or motorcycle assessment. The easiest way of doing this is finding and using a good fully qualified driving instructor.

If you would like to save money because you will be taught by family or friends, then get a copy of the Official DSA Guide to Driving which will give you all the information you need for passing, practising all the skills listed.

If you are an experienced foreign driving licence holder, then it is best if you get an assessment driving lesson with an instructor to identify the bad habits you have picked up and resolve these before taking a driving test in your own car.

2. Master the UK highway code.

If you want to pass the driving test, you need to be fully aware of the rules that govern driving vehicles in the UK. The highway code book only costs £1.50 and it could save you a lot of money if your throughly read through it and understand the information contained in it before you go for your car test. You car never be too prepared for a test, and my learner drivers who have taken the extra effort to follow this advice in addition to their driving lessons mostly pass first time!

3. Get some local knowledge.

A good way of ensuring that you pass the driving test, is to get some local knowledge of the test area, especially some of the trickier routes, which is where my driving test tips website comes in handy. Unfortunately, the truth is that not being familiar with some of the roads driving tests are conducted on has caused many candidates to fail, so while I do not advocate just learning routes, you greatly increase your chances of passing if you go over the more difficult routes the DSA examiner might use.

I hope these 3 simple steps on how to pass the driving test have been helpful, and that you are successfull at your next attempt of the car or motorcycle practical test.

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